If you are interested in TinyG please understand that it is still very much in development, and you will probably want to upgrade the firmware at some point in the future.   TinyG now has a bootloader installed which makes updating your firmware a matter of a few commands and a USB cable!


Like to know more about TinyG? 

Checkout our github.com wiki for more information.



TinyG in Action:

This is a video of TinyG driving the popular OX Desktop CNC milling machine.

TinyG Includes:


  • 1x TinyG board.


TinyG Does NOT include:

  • A power supply.
  • Heat sinks.
  • A Case.
  • A Fan.
  • A CNC machine.


TinyG Informative Links:

For more information on TinyG see the TinyG WIki.
For troubleshooting support please submit issues / comments to the TinyG section of the Synthetos Forums.

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